An Incomprehensible Language

At first, I listen to nature's music. I hear the cold, autumnal leaves as they dance their last. I hear the wind as she sings her gentle song, the plants and trees sway to her enchanting lullaby. I look around, and I see the blue sky reflected in peturbed waters. I look, and see love, as I feel shaded, invisible. I close my eyes and drown myself in the symphony of the world.

Close your eyes. Can you hear it? It is the Earth's poetry reading, yet us mere human beings cannot understand it. But through listening, we can admire it. It is like ancient texts on tomb walls - admired, but incomprehensible. Everything is down to our interpretation of a sound, a sight, a scent which lingers in the breeze.

It is not something which you can explain to people easily. They have to listen for themselves. Listen, and you will find, it is beautiful!

The End

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