All Must Not Be Forgotten

This is a response to a video in class, and is for a creative writing class, enjoy!

I look out to the blue-white sky
And think of how it all has changed.
The fleeting stories that used to fly
From ear to ear before the land was damaged.

The ideas of heavens reachable in rivers running deep,
The concept of the stars power to tell us all we seek,
But none of these did foreign lands keep,
Instead they made it all quite bleak.

Even in the present, when all we have are rocks of destiny,
We leave our dozers to destroy all that we used to hold dear.
Do you know of when people used to cherish all they knew?
Of course you won’t since nothing has been left for you to see clear!

Then I start to think about the language that echoed from East to West,
Through all the trees from North to South and was once dominant,
But now we hear this language not, which meant that long ago it was put to the test,
And foreign language came upon the shores and became more prominent.

Children in the present are now named honorably,
The sacred words of water and shore are kept on for long
And meanings are not gone completely.
Though the world changed all, they still make a way to make the language belong.

So when you rest upon a rock,
Or watch the ocean far in the horizon,
The past before the foreigners came you must unlock,
The lost ideas, beliefs, and lands that were once thought of by a dozen-

Forget not like the foreigners did,
Do not destroy, but keep,
Find all the culture that the foreigners hid,

With this reminder of how the past once was in mind keep deep,
You foreigners may try to erase all that once was believed,
Our deep and scornful hearts of tears, for our past to not be lost we plead.

The End

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