No. 7

Often times, seeing someone again after you've kissed them can be awkward.  There's the enthusiastic greeting, and a hug, and then an awkward pause that begs the question Do we kiss again?  Many times the moment is missed, left to continue in the life of an unfulfilled dream until you get more comfortable with the other person.  

But with you, there was no awkward, questioning pause.  My lips found yours with ease upon our next meeting, and on every meeting thereafter, pretty much.  Kissing you was the easiest thing in the whole wide world.  

Time passed us by so easily, like we were trapped in a snow globe.  November gave way to December before we'd even really had a chance to notice.  Snow blanketed the ground as we snuggled under blankets of our own.  

Snowball, my school's annual winter dance, was approaching.  You couldn't attend as my date, but you were going to be there taking pictures.  I had a killer dress and I was excited for you to see me in it. But I was even more excited because I had arranged to stay at a "friend's house" for the night, after the dance.

That night was the second night I ever fell asleep with your arms around me.  And I swear, sleeping alone has never been the same.  

I felt a new intimacy bubbling between us after that night, one that was I was both frightened of and excited to explore.  "Love" was a long way off.  But you were fast becoming my best friend and more.  

The End

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