No. 6

A weekend evening in November... that was our next scheduled Doctor Who marathon.  You had stocked up on Cheez-Its, and we were on your bed, leaning against the wall beside each other.  I was very aware of how little space there was between us, and how easy it would be to close the gap.  You must've felt it too.  

I don't remember how it got started, but somehow we were more engaged in a conversation than in Eleven's adventures through time and space.  The gap had closed, our legs were touching.  I was honestly shocked to see that my nerves weren't actually glowing everywhere we made contact.  The effect you had on me was perplexing, and it was clear to me in that moment that you were never going to be just a good friend of mine. Not with the way you made my body tingle.  

We fell silent for a moment, and after a sigh squeezed itself out into the quiet, you spoke. I have a confession, you said.  

Oh? I said, intrigued.  I could've guessed what was coming next.  Go on.

Yeah. You ran your fingers through your hair and looked away.  I've kind of had a big crush on you, since that first day we met.

Yeah? What else could I have said...  


Well I have a confession too... I said after a long, awkward moment.  You still weren't looking at me, and I didn't know how to say what I wanted to say...  I gave myself a few seconds, working up the nerve to make one of the best choices I think I've ever made.  

I leaned over and I kissed your cheek.  Just a peck, over before it began.  But that didn't matter.  That moment lasted a lifetime, captured in a little bubble before it burst.  

Your body tensed up, and you slowly turned back to face me.  Yeah? you asked after you recovered from your shock.  I nodded.  Would you say it again, I don't think I heard you the first time.

I couldn't help it, I smiled big, and leaned in to kiss your cheek again.  But this new intimacy between us was addicting and I wanted more.  Our eyes searched one another's for a moment, and we both understood.  I leaned in close for a third time, and you leaned in close too.  

Your lips were warm against mine, and soft.  You probably didn't actually taste like anything in particular, but if I had to say that you did, I'd say you tasted like bliss.  I was hungry for more, and to this day more is never enough.  

The End

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