No. 1

I don't know how or why, but I know that you mean everything to me.

From the day that I met you, I was drawn to you.  I couldn't understand why, or how.  But after knowing you for five minutes, I felt like I had known you for five lifetimes.  You captivated me in a way no book has ever been able to, and it was driving me mad.  

We wandered the fairway aimlessly, talking about anything and everything - from our favorite television show, to the way I sometimes thought myself dead because I could never find my own pulse.  You took my wrist in your hands and searched for it, and I was sure you'd feel it's pace quicken as the butterflies awoke in my stomach and fluttered through my every nerve ending, setting my skin to tingling. If you felt anything you kept it to yourself, which I was grateful for.

Later that night, I could still feel the ghostly warmth of your hands on my skin, where their memory was now permanently tattooed across my veins. I waited anxiously, anticipating every text message with an enthusiasm I was unaccustomed to.  

A few days later, we met in the same place and resumed our  aimless wandering, oblivious to the hundreds of people bustling around us on that hot summer day.  We stopped for lemonade, and I was disgusted when you drank the pulp, and even more so when you pressed an ice cube to my back.  In the end, we laughed about it.  

Now I wonder if you remember the way that day made you feel, and if you felt anything remotely close to what I had felt too.  

The End

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