All About Time

well.....they say you have plenty of time to sleep when you are dead....

(gives a valid reason that i wanna share as to why i haven't slept all night...!)

i wanted to write something that i have felt for a long time....and want to know what every-one thinks....

as you're growing up and making the choices that will change certain aspects of your life, you never think that your life can be moulded into what you want it to become.

imagine if you will..............

you are walking happily down one straight happy with your life as you can be at that point in time


Up ahead, u see a fork in the path, splitting it into two.

do you continue down your chosen path and have the life you expect..


do you choose to take the new path, not knowing what life will throw at you along the way?

i chose the new path, like alot of people in this world.

walking down my new path, i see and experience things that cause me joy, cause me pain, cause me heartache. some people would be scared of by this and turn back only to find the original path they once knew and loved had become a distant memory.

these are the people who find that life, though full of challenges and hurdles, has become too much for them to take in and they shy away, trying to retrieve some sort of normality and past experience.

i on the other hand, i am ready to take on the challenges and hurdles that life throws at me, not knowing whether i will get through or over them, but realising that when i do, no matter how long it takes, i will become a better and stronger person mentally.

life is precious to each and every one of us, and it is up to us to make our life as happy as we possibly can.

we are given a certain amount of time on earth, and its up to us how we deal with it and get through to the other side. its up to us what we do with it.

life has just thrown another huge challenge in my chosen path and it is up to me how i manage it and sort it out.

i know it will not be easy, and i will experience all the pain and heart ache i so truely despise, but when i finally come out the other side, holding tightly onto the hand of the joy i will eventually feel...i will know then that my chosen path was the right desicision.

our lifes are our own...

we are all unique in every way..

i know the path i have chosen is going to be the right on for me...

whether or not i get what my heart truely desires, i will stand tall and be happy in the knowledge that i have overcome another obsticle, no matter how painful it mite become...

will you do the same?

thank you for reading.

The End

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