Ali jay


I stand waiting, looking out for you

Anticipating, the day you come back too

I remember those days, those long tomorrows

And the day you left, unwritten sorrows


Good old days, with long lost friends

when your young, you think it never ends

off to never land, to never grow old

you were so brave, you were so bold


You protected my heart, you protected my soul

making me smile was your only goal

you made me laugh, I made you cry

I never thought I'd have to say goodbye


When we were young we thought we were superman

running away shouting catch me if you can

those were the last words I heard

before we saw that injured bird


And as you rushed off to help

our story ends

as our hero

starts again


Ali jay you were the best

you were so kind, put to the test

kindness re payed by your last breath

I'll never forget the cold hand of death


You pushed me away as the car came along

The end of our story, the end of our song

I still stand waiting, looking out for you,

anticipating the day you come back too,

I remember those days those long tomorrows,

and that now I live a life that's borrowed


The End

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