Alchemical Combustion

For the one who inspires me.

Today I am alive.

Yesterday I walked through the world, deadened, numb. Yearning for more, for some spark to light me within and make me burn. I was sodden with cares and expectations, nothing was enough to fire me to greater heights and let me fall to greater depths.

Nothing until you.

I called what I did living because it was all I could do. Repetitive motions, fulfilling expectations. I had ambition but it did not keep me warm. It was cold company when I curled in on myself. Tears fell inside and I didn't know how to cry them. I didn't have the alchemy to turn myself from frozen iron to molten light.

Then there was you.

I burn now. You began this blaze within me, the same one I see reflected within you. We set it in each other, this alchemical combustion. The fire binds us, melting us together until I no longer worry about what is you and what is me. Together we burn hotter, higher.

Today we are alive.

No more walking shadows, pretend faces to cover the emptiness inside. No more chicanery to hide that we were merely waiting, lives on pause until that moment. The "meant to be" that brought us together. Hope and joy springing anew. Not just continuing but creating. With you I make the world anew.

We will make it burn.

The End

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