Albatross (intercepted transmission 1)

an intercepted transmission from an alternate, future reality

Eventually we will find a way to end the affliction that we have relegated the name of “Albatross”.

In the case that we should fail in the troubleshooting of this affliction, all pertinent data derived from these failures shall be forwarded to operators deployed at specific and strategic, alternate time-states, where further troubleshooting will be devised for more effective subjugation of said affliction.

In these alternate time-states we should have more advanced technology to combat our current threat.

It is also imperative that we devise a viable contingency plan for emergency evacuation should we deem it necessary to self-destruct due to complete failure of all other scenarios.

One of these scenarios is a siphon of personnel to be stationed on the lunar surface, which we will refer to as “fail safe”, should Albatross find it’s way to command. This scenario is our first and last defense against, as well as our ultimate survival of Albatross, as it can phase through time, but cannot pass through non-atmospheric space.

Scenario “Chakra” will be implemented to inflict a deep, critical wound through the otherwise in-penetrable outer shell of Albatross using “Laser”, during it's pre-inpenitrable shell developmental period, in our only previously recorded time-state prior to our discovery of the surface mobile, adolescent form of the affliction.

Scenarios “Junon”, “Strafe” and “Lariat” will be implemented for the three largest attacks on “Albatross” before it becomes aerodynamically mobile and time-state phasing capable, which we must do everything in our power to avoid.

- End transmission -

The End

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