Age Of Miracles (The Slowing, Middle School Struggles, and Relationship Problems)

  In The Age Of Miracles  Chapters 1-8 the slowing is just starting. The scientists haven't figured out what is going on yet. All they know is that the earths rotation is slowing and probably will continue. Julia made note that it was changing people. Her friend has moved to Utah and her crush is just starting to notice her. The class bully, however, continues bullying and without her friend who she considers the "leader" of the two she is lost and doesn't know how to respond to him. The birds are almost immediately affected by the slowing. They are dying and can not fly, due to the change in gravity. The scientists don't know that is the slowing that is affecting the birds but Julia seems convinced that is the only explanation. 

  Many kids are staying home from school. Julia, however, is continuing with her life the best she can. She is finding it difficult, however, without the help of her best friend. She is going through all of the middle school struggles without a best friend at her side. She says "Maybe everything that happened to me and my family had nothing at all to do with the slowing. It's possible, I guess. But I doubt it. I doubt it very much.". This is foreshadowing things to come. It is possible that they are good things but I doubt it very much.

  Julia's parents are also arguing a lot at this point in the book. I am starting to think that the quote above is foreshadowing a divorce. Her father seems very laid back and her mother very "in your face". She seems to exaggerate and freak out a lot. I think both parent are trying to protect Julia but in different ways. I have also noticed that she is telling this book like it is from the past. She is recalling all of the things that happened. 

 Okay. As far as the slowing goes... The earth is technically rotating slower every year right now. Actually, the average day has grown longer by between 15 and 25 millionths of a second per year. It is not a big deal at the moment, however, because it will be 140 million years before the earth's rotation slows enough to create a 25 hour day. 

  So far I think that it has been a very good book. It is easy to read, interesting, and very thought provoking. At this point in my reading, I would definitely recommend this book to other high school students.


The End

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