Checking the mail


David waits on the elevators with the a small group of business people. No one talks. Some are looking a their feet and others are pretending to be busy checking e-mail on their BlackBerries.

DING! The elevator doors open. Two men in a lively conversation exits the elevators.

MAN #1 ... but that would bring the overall deficit down to a minimum.

MAN #2 That's what I've been trying to tell them all week. Do you have any... (see a colleague) Hey Michael. Jefferson is waiting for you upstairs.


MAN #2 So, anyway, that's what I been trying to say to them all week. Do you have any figures we can use to...

The conversation between the two men slowly becomes inaudible as they move out of earshot.

David follows the other businessmen into the elevator.


The elevator doors starts to close.

KATE (O.S.) Hold it!

The hands holding the coffee almost drops them in an attempt to both keep them upright and press the "open door" button at the same time. Kate, early 30s, very beautiful, comes blasting through the half-open doors.

KATE (CONT'D) (out of breath) Thanks.

As the doors close her handbag is temporarily caught in the doors until she with a solid yank pulls it out.

She looks around the elevator.

KATE (CONT'D) Hey David... (smiles) Didn't see you there.

DAVID (O.S.) Hey Kate.

An awkward silence fills the elevator. David's hands are shifting the coffee cups around in his hands.

DAVID (O.S.) (CONT'D) So... Kate, how did it go with the Grand Mills people?

KATE I don't really know. But I think we're getting there.

DAVID (O.S.) Great... great.

The awkward silence returns. David is again shifting the coffee cups around in his hands.DING! The doors open.


Both David, Kate and a few others get out.

KATE See you later David.

Kate walks away from the elevator area.

DAVID (O.S.) Yeah, see you later.

David starts to walk in the opposite direction. Stops and turns around to say something to Kate, but she's already gone.


A elderly black lady, with a capital L, is sitting behind the reception desk taking phone calls.

MRS. JACKSON (into headset) Tristan, Blackwood & Partners, how may I help you? (beat) One moment please, I'll put you through.

Mrs. Jackson pushes some buttons and takes of the headset.

DAVID (O.S.) Black...

He places one of the coffee cups on the reception desk.

DAVID (O.S.) (CONT'D) ... no sugar.


She takes the coffee from the counter and places it on the desk next to her.

MRS. JACKSON (CONT'D) Thanks. You're a darling.

DAVID (O.S.) Don't you ever get tired of saying that every time the phone rings? You know we can record an automatic message for you.

MRS. JACKSON And what would I do then?

Both laugh. David makes a move to leave.

DAVID (O.S.) Well then, my beautiful Mrs. Jackson, I'll leave you be with the horrors of manually answering phones of (mimics Mrs. Jackson's voice) Tristan, Blackwood & Partners.

MRS. JACKSON You have a good one as well.

Mrs. Jackson gives David a large smile and waves him off as the phone rings again.


A large office area filled with cubicles after cubicles. This is a serious work environment.

David maneuvers down to one of the smaller offices next to all the cubicles and enters the open door.


Henry, early 40s, is sitting at his desk. There is barely room for the two present desks in there. Henry is dressed in bland colors from top till toe including a dark grey cardigan that have seen better days. He's reading a memo.

A hand enters the frame and place a coffee cup in front of Henry.

DAVID (O.S.) Double espresso, extra strong, extra hot. Just as the gentleman ordered.

HENRY Ah, David, my lifesaver.

Henry takes the lid of the coffee cup and vividly smells in the aroma of the espresso.

HENRY (CONT'D) Ahhhh... that's the thing.

Henry tosses the memo over to David's desk.

HENRY (CONT'D) Do you have seen this?

David sits down in his office chair and rotates into full view. We see his face for the first time. He's early 30s, hansom and looks built like a lumberjack. David picks up the memo and starts to read it.

DAVID What is this?

He takes the lid of his coffee and takes a sip, burns his tongue a bit in the process.

DAVID (CONT'D) (to himself) Aw.

Put the coffee down and takes a closer look at the memo.

DAVID (CONT'D) This is what we're been doing for months..

HENRY My point exactly. But you have to sign at the bottom and return it so they can see that you've read it. It's some legal issue that they need it on paper and signed for future audits blablabla.

DAVID Right.

David gives Henry the memo back and turns around to his computer and turns it on.

Types in his password and click a few times on the mouse. He's not really paying any attention to the computer. Instead his eyes wander down to a small picture frame that is standing next to his computer. It's the picture of a young boy holding a baseball glove. The boy is looking very proud and is smiling from ear to ear.  David's hand moves towards the picture without touching it.

Without David's notice, Henry is now standing behind him and looking over his shoulder.

HENRY He's at Sarah's this week?

David snaps out of it.

DAVID Yeah. I was thinking of taking him to a ball game this weekend.

HENRY Hey, great idea. You guys wanna go alone or could me and the boys tag along. I think I owe Deb a timeout weekend.

Henry downs the entire espresso in one go.

DAVID (surprised) How do you do that?


DAVID (points) The coffee.

HENRY Years of practice my young friend... Years of practice.

DAVID (shakes his head) You're insane.

HENRY Aren't we all?

Henry sits down.

HENRY (CONT'D) So. Weekend game? Alone or group?

DAVID Um, sure let's go together. That would be great.

David is back on the computer checking his em-ails.

DAVID (CONT'D) Oh, no.


DAVID They moved up the meeting.

HENRY What? Right now?

DAVID No, the mail was sent yesterday afternoon, but I was left early yesterday. (beat) Damn

HENRY When is it?

David gets up.

DAVID Right now.

He grabs a legal pad from his desk and a pencil and races of.


David is running full speed down the aisle of the office cubicles. Follow office workers look out of their cubicles as he passes them. Some stand up and look over the dividers to get a better look. More than one pair of co-workers exchange worried looks.

Just as David turns the corner of the last cubicle he slams straight into the mail-boy, Washington - 18 y, and his cart. Both let out a grunt of pain.

Letters, memos and small packages comes flying in all directions and Washington is knocked over. David, for some reason, keeps standing.

David takes a small step in the direction his was running as if he's about to continue, but stops. He extends a hand to Washington and helps him up.

DAVID Oh, man I'm sorry. I'm late for a meeting and I wasn't thinking.

Washington stands up and corrects his clothes even though it's clear that his type of clothes are meant to be in a mess.

DAVID (CONT'D) Let me help you clear this up.

David bends down to pick up the letters and memos.

WASHINGTON No, it's okay. I think it's better that I do it. I have sort of a system you know

DAVID You sure?


DAVID Thanks, DC. I own you a lunch, alright?

WASHINGTON (finger shoots David) Deal.

David starts of in the direction of the meeting room again. He gets about 20 meters down the hallway before,

WASHINGTON (CONT'D) (shouts) Hey David!

David turns around and see Washington holding up his cell phone.

WASHINGTON (CONT'D) (still shouting) You dropped your phone.

DAVID (shouts back) Just give it to me later or drop it on my desk, I'm not gonna need it now anyway.

The End

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