It the worst case scenario. In the aftermath of a bank robbery gone very wrong, a group of unlikely office workers must work together in order to survive. But who can you trust when everyone is under extreme pressure?

A coffee shop full of people rushing in and out. The morning rush of coffee hungry office workers on their way to work.

Several people are small talking about the upcoming events of the day. It's a busy place.

A store clerk is making the last cup of an order of three. David is waiting for the order. We never see David in full figure, just from the chest down or with his back turned to us. Never his face. He seems strong build.

STORE CLERK: Would that be all?

DAVID (absentminded): Yeah. (comes to) No, no... I mean yes that would be all. Thanks.

STORE CLERK That's brings it up to a total of 13.68 dollars please.

A hand comes into frame and places a couple of dollar bills on the counter and takes the three coffee cups.

DAVID (O.S.) Thanks. Keep the change.


you, sir. And have a very nice day.EXT. STREET OUTSIDE COFFEE SHOP -- CONTINUOUS

Still close on the cups. David walks out onto the bustling big city street outside.

Taxis are racing by. They are yellow as only the taxis in New York are. From the looks of it we're in the financial district or at least in some part of Manhattan where money is being made and there is plenty of it to throw around.

He slightly bumps into a beautiful woman in a classic executive suit that is standing just outside the coffee shop.


The woman turns around and looks directly at David giving him a fast elevator look.

DAVID (O.S.) Oh, sorry, sorry.

The woman smiles as if she approves what meets her eyes. The kind of smile only a woman can deliver.


The coffee cups, still in head, moves away from the coffee shop and elegantly navigates through the crowded streets towards a larger office building a few doors down.

David pushes the large door with his shoulder and enters the office building.

The End

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