African Violet

African Violet


African Violet that’s what I call you in my diary

So no one could ever know

It’s just that you are ageless, faceless

A beauty in any age

And I am endlessly always what’s her face


African Violet I painted my lips crimson

And you looked at them, but did you crave them?

I bought you flowers but then watched them dry out in my vase

Your eyes smile at me

I just don’t ever want to see them turn away from me


If I wear these shoes, if I wear this dress will you please look at me again?

Could we lock eyes and swoon?

Or would it all be just another one of my dreams?

The longings slowly turning into heartache

And the dreams are slowly turning to nightmares

Because it all seems so impossible


African Violet touch me!

Claim me!

My flesh is so cold please set me on fire

African Violet hold me!

Bring me to your heart

Give me your soul!

The End

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