Afraid To Think

This is a nonfiction story about cuts and abusive religions. Religious sects and mind control groups have always interested me. I hope this helps people understand about cults because information is the vaccination of religious cults.


In the beginning, earth came into existence. There is absolute no question about that; we know that we exist. But the real question is cause for much speculation and confusion: how?


How is it that we are on this earth?

Why are we more complicated than other inhabitants of the world we live in from rabbits to single celled organisms? How come we die?

Is there life after death?

If so, what is it like?

Were we created?


So many people have asked that question. In fact, most wonder why are here in the first place. Some have given up; realizing that some questions are too difficult to answer. However, most still wonder. And with most of them, they begin to imagine and make up their own answers. And if you didn’t think of an answer yourself, you believed the answers you were told.


Yes, we are created.

We are on this Earth to serve Our Creator.

Yes, there is life after death.

Heaven is life after death.

We die to serve Our Creator.

We are complicated because Our Creator wants us to be.


There are questions and answers like this all around you. The idea of this writing is that these answers are perfectly expectable in this world when peaceful and polite but not all groups of believers are like that. This is the story of those groups. This is the story of cults.

The End

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