afraid not

so you are hideing

so this is you

singing songs

still thinking of you

justify not

for you played a role

it takes two to play

and two to unfold

you can run but you cant hide

and all your lonely excuses

are all pathetic lies

play with your friends the deadlest games

we all die one day

 we are all made the same

you cornered me

 and stabbed too many times

now it is your turn to shed those tears and cry

never alone

 i watch you from a distance

a war that had never washed away

combined with death and music

flowing in a dignified way

you can run but you can not hide

all those tears you made all of us cry

into darkness once again

you made this choice my dear old friend

so you are hideing

 this is you

singing songs

in memorie of you

yet so lonely

yet so true

forever and always

a memorie into light force in you

The End

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