Janet carried me outside.

Outside is a strange place. So green, so big, so airy. So cold. 

Someone put me in a car. Cars are amazing things, moving wheels! Fantastic. Not that I knew what was going on, there was an even bigger scary light in the sky. I had no idea that Janet was called Janet, because I didn't understand english, I just let her do what she wanted with me because I trusted her.

"Can you tell me your name?" She asked.

"Wouldn't bother, Jan. She's been shut up in the basement for all her life, she doesn't know how to talk and she's near blind. So that was why everything was weird, why the green was everywhere and why the light was so scary.

Janet grabbed my hand and put it against her lips as she said her name. So now I could put a name to the voice. Then she put my fingers on my lips, thinking I might know my own name. More gurgling erupted from my mouth.

"Okay. Okay." She soothed. 

I had no name.

She put my fingers back on my lips and said the word:


"Ginny." I mumbled back, although it was more babbled and unclear. 

The End

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