Having little to no sense of time, I do know how long it took them to hear and find me; but it must have been about half an hour. Still I was groaning and screeching, with my mother trying to silence. The men who broke through the door found me, screaming, writing and near dead with some woman on top of me trying to d=squeeze the life out of me. ,y memory is a little hazy, but from what I can remember is that the men were in fact police officers. They arrested my mum and carted her off.

I was left gasping for air on the floor, in the darkness again. Since no one had ever actually taught me to walk, I couldn't; so I stayed still, strange gurgling noises rippling through my throat. 

"Hello?" Someone called out and i flinched my hand up, scraping my fingernails against the concrete floor. Footsteps came nearer and I tried to crawl away, but they were quicker.

They brought with them a bright, shiny thing that stung my eyes and made me cry out again. Later, I found out that it was a torch. 

"What's your name?" Someone asked.

"Wretch! Die! Shut up!" I screamed all of my vocabulary at once, not knowing that it was hurtful. But I didn't know what she was saying. She was some scary lady in my darkness, with a big scary bright thing and stuff was coming out of her mouth which I couldn't understand. I began to cry.

"Hey, it's okay. I'm Janet, I'm a police woman and I'm going to look after you."

Perhaps I did understand what she was saying, because I went very quiet and very still.

The End

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