Great Idea; Wrong Species

It seems as though the living conditions of a future pork chop is in urgent need of public attention!

“Addressing Sow Housing”; that was the title of a video ad that caught my attention a couple of days ago. It was imbedded in a movie I was watching on YouTube.

So, I immediately pause the commercial inside the movie, copied its link, and raced to source out its origin. I had to see what all of the housing commotion was about over in Sow-Land!?

And, as sure as a Sunday night Walt Disney movie, there was a video clip of some cute little piggies, all nosing up to the camera. It was so sweet and very touching too!

Now, I know I’ve been a little distracted and preoccupied with my own life over the last couple of years, and perhaps I didn’t realize that we had such a housing crisis going on!? But, it’s got piggies in the video, so I’ll have to watch the entire 1:18 minute commercial spot to see for myself!

Ok, nice music! Cute little piggies! And, some text for the narrative. Now I’m feeling warm all over.

This wholesome commercial by the Ontario Pork Farmers (OPF) raises some difficult questions though, and makes several assertive claims against this housing crisis. The OPF supports a proactive approach to addressing the important issues that keep us all up late at night; questions like:

  • What’s the best approach to our housing situation?
  • Meeting the challenges to ‘get it right’,
  • Moving forward with new approaches towards housing,
  • Sound rationale to this delicate balancing act,
  • Recognizing that the unsuitably housed are very smart and sociable, and treating them as such,
  •  Making sure critical care and protection is available to mothers and their babies,
  • Learning from transition management experiences,
  • And, focusing on raising healthy animals…

What!?! ANIMALS!!!  All of this is for the health and wellbeing of pigs!!? Really!?

Yep! It seems as though the living conditions of a future pork chop is in urgent need of public attention, and we need to broadcast it to the World!

Okay World, here’s what’s being done for pigs; now, just imagine what the same efforts and attention could do for human beings!!!

I am happy that the OPF are taking such an interest in the welfare of their little piggies. No straw or stick houses for those lil guys! Nope! Not with all of the available research and science that we have today to support the necessity of descent, safe, and suitable housing as the building blocks of a stable environment that will foster and nurture a happy, healthy, productive, and respectable life.

Heck no, we’d never expect a pig to live in sub-human conditions now, would we!?

Watch the video at: (Get your box of tissue first)

The End

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