aDdiCTed tO yOUMature

Have your way with me

I'm done trying to stay away

What's the point of living

Without seeing your face everyday

I'm addicted to your love

There's nothing I can do to change that

Sorry I'm not perfect

I'm not someone you deserve

But I'm what you get

I'm addicted to your smile

Addicted to your laugh and your face

And I'm addicted to everything about you

Have your way with me

I don't care what people will think

I just want you- here with me

I need you and you need me

I'm addicted to how you love me

Stuck on how much you care

Sorry I'm not what you thought you'd want

Yet now I'm here to stay

I'm addicted to you

Like an alchoholic with Jack

Like a dealer with Heroin

Thats how I feel with you

Now I can't let you go

The End

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