A brief dialouge on a few of the many flaws of humanity

“Cecilia, do you know how manipulative the humans are?”

“No, master.”

“Religion, Rights, Morality, those are all forms of Control. Those are all barriers the
human has put up to control and limit their animalism. Yet they are all but nonsense.”

“How so, master?”

“Religion gives humans a sensation of safety. It attracts emotionally instable humans, because it promises guidance and relief."

"Then what is bad about it?"

"It limits one's freedom and perception. Although the core of the belief is perfectly fine, the missinterpretations are sometimes so vast and the fact that no one scrtinizes them is evidence for the dulled perception. When one looks into history one can guess the ultear motive behind most religions, if we take the most widely spread: Catholics (about 1 Billion) They used the religion to start the three Crusades and made sinners pay in order to shorten the length spent in the purgatory."

“What about rights, master?”

“Rights are a desperate attempt to equalize all humans.”

“Then what about moral, master?”

“Morality is an impeccable attempt to guide the human to do the ‘right’ thing.”

“After I have listened to what you have said, I cannot grasp the cretinism in all
those barriers, as you call them master.”

“Religion gives humans a sensation of safety and gives shelter, all answers that are given are based on fears and it diminishes the ability of humans to perceive correctly. Further
it manipulates them and has great impact on their opinions.

Rights can never make all humans equal because humans differ from each other, they are individuals. They also create a false sense of safety. They make humans naïve, arrogant and supposedly unaware to corruption. Equality can never be
accomplished without flawless control, which again is against our Rights.

Morality is the perception of ‘good’ and ‘correct’. But these are merely opinions of
single humans who by setting these Morals proclaim their superiority over all
other creatures, thus Morality reflects the infinite arrogance of humans.
Secondly Morality is strongly influenced by culture and surroundings, it is merely
an opinion.

“But why do humans depend on these things?”

“Humans are very insecure and fearful beings, yet they are strongly arrogant and
egoistic. They claim to be individuals, yet they are afraid to stand out as
one. They claim that they adore freedom, yet they have strictly organized
governments, laws and jobs.”

The End

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