Anna knelt next to her grandfather's bed. The old man coughed as his eyes fluttered open and looked at her, a slight glaze over them. 

"Grandfather, I have some news that might as well kill you, but news none the less," Anna gently held his wrinkled hand. He wheezed in response, though Anna couldn't tell what he had said. 

"I'm engaged to marry Edward Hayes, as of this afternoon," she sighed, looking down. Her grandfather let go of her hand and traced his fingers along her cheek in sympathy, "It's going to be alright, At least your estate will stay in the family, right?" Sort of.


Benyse scanned Anna down one more time. Pouting out her lower lip she said, "Well, you still look like a tramp, but a beautiful tramp," Anna laughed and tugged on her gloves. 

"I'll be heading into the market sometime today, I want some city air before I become confined to this manor."

The End

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