Just what you all were waiting for...
Another dream story!

Abrianna pulled on her gloves as her handmaiden tugged a bonnet on her curly brown hair. 

"Benyse, do you think he is only interested in me because I'm an heiress?" Benyse fixed a stray strand of hair before being satisfied.

"Do you want what I think Anna?" 

Abrianna giggled and replied, "I know."

He was a tall, thin man with a long face. High cheek bones just gave him a gaunt appearance. His hair was like salt and pepper, and constantly had this look of disapproval on his countenance. His name was Edward Hayes, second son of Harold Hayes, a duke. Well into his thirties, I suspect, Abrianna thought. He gave her a tight lipped smile. How utterly boring.

"Miss Ryan," He took off his top hat, clicked his heels, and bowed his head, "You look absolutely beautiful today." Mr. Hayes offered her his arm as they descended the front steps of her manor house. Benyse followed close behind with a parasol at the ready in case her lady may need it. 

The carriage ride to the city was bumpy and uncomfortably quiet. Abrianna lived out in the country, quite far from large civilization. They were on a leisurely walk through the market, men and women crying their wares, small children chasing carriages and playing in the muddy streets. 

Why does everything have to be so proper. If I wasn't high in society, I would undoubtedly be sitting on a grassy hill with a sweetheart! Ah, a simple life seems so fantastic. 

"Miss Ryan," Mr Hayes, and the click of his cane on rock, brought Anna out of her thoughts. She looked up at him. Anna hadn't noticed that they were in a tree groove with soft grass. I wish I could take off my shoes. Mr Hayes let go of her arm and turned to face her. His face was almost soft. 


"Abrianna, will you do me the honor of becoming Mrs Hayes?" I guess romance only happens in the books. Anna stared into his dark eyes, searching for some sort of light of love. She sighed inwardly. 

"Yes, Edward."

The End

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