About A Boy

The way you said goodbye to me,

I would not wish upon anyone,

I guess it isn't your fault that I was falling in love,

With a man like this.


Let me refrain myself,

from bad mouthing you and your dirty ways,

Let me refrain myself,

From degrading you to your youth,

Men are not like you,

But boys are.


I do not get,

How you could go to such trouble,

To pick me up when I had fallen,

To help me stand,

When my legs were uncontrollable.

I do not get,

Why I let you in,

This was possibly my biggest mistake.


Let me refrain myself,

From calling out your lies,

From remembering the look you gave,

When you tore my heart away.

Let me refrain myself,

From publicly humiliating you,

From ignoring your worthless form,

In a crowd of people,

Because it embarrasses you.


You call me immature,

You say I'm not ready,

But what do you know?

But what do you see?

Who is not ready here?

Because I sure as hell

Am ready for life,

But I see you drowning in your insecurities.


Let me refrain myself,

From calling out your errors to the world,

From ruining men for myself,

From letting your degrading eyes pull me down.

Let me refrain myself

From all the insecurities that you brought me

Within our own little world.


Let me tell you this,

You miserable boy who likes to dress up as a man,

Who likes to critique and not accept,

Let me tell you this,

My stress has gone away,

The night is silent for me now,

No worries in sight.

Let me tell you this,

I am much better now,

So please,

move on.

The End

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