Being with you, it's the funniest thing.

Like walking on egg shells, but carried by a harness.

What I mean is,

With every person I've ever met,

I can figure them out, what they'll do

What they'll say.

But with you,

While I know you

What you'll do, what you'll say

You manage to surprise me

In your own special way.

You're the kind of person

I want to be with forever

Can't stand to be without

And yet appreciate that

With every day away

I get closer to the day I see you.

Each day away

Makes me appreciate you

More and more when we meet.

With you I am myself.

And yet I'm careful to not be

In case I say the wrong thing

I've learnt what to do

What it pleases you to do

But I have no idea

What you really want me to do

Or say

Or be.

You make me crazy

And yet so patient and calm

I feel electric, on fire

Like I'm floating in air.

I don't know the future

But of this I am sure.

I'm going to fight to be with you

Because with you I am whole.

The End

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