A Young Boys Tale

              There was a boy of the age of 12. He was a quiet boy whom no one took very much notice of. One day he met a girl of the age of 13. They didn't meet face to face, but they met on an online gaming site.  The boy instantly noticed something in the girls personality that drew him in, like a fish on a fishermans hook. So he offered to be friends and she accepted. One year went by and the boy still talked to the girl, even if it was only online, he felt as if she was there with him. He still had feelings for her, but he was unsure if she knew or not. Another year flies by and the two friends become best friends. She has hardships in her life the boy never expected, the things that have happened to her, yet he still stood by her side, even if it was only online.

          Another year flies by but he didn't hear from the girl for 6 months, he began to worry something horrible had happened to her, then he began to give  in to the voice in the back of his head that was tellin him she had left him. But he was a believing boy and continued to believe she'd be back one day to talk to him. On the day of April 12th 2009 the boy was on the online gaming site when the girl got on. He was so filled with joy the he was shaking and to an extent crying. They talked and covered 6 months worth of life in an hour. Than the fateful time to log off came, but before the boy did he asked for the girls email, and she happily gave him hers in exchange for his. He was so full of joy he couldn't sleep that night. He would go to school, then come home do his chores of the house then go to his room, log into his computer just to talk to the girl he loved so dearly, yet she didn't love him back. But the boy learned to deal with it.

           Another period of no communication came, but it was a shorter one, and when she logged back on after many days he was extremly suprised at the events that had happened in there time of no talk. Some of the things she told him made him second guess his feelings for her, but he pushed those thoughts aside to fulfill the promise he had made to her. That he would never leave her and always be there for her, even if it was only online.

          The boy walked her through her life, he took many falls from the things she told him she'd done. He was greatly dissipointed but stayed by her side nevertheless. The falls the boy took only strengthened him, his feelings for her, and his devotion to the girl. He counciled her through her hard times and they enjoyed each others company, even if it was only online. November 27th rolls around and the boy and girl still talked, three years that they have known each other, and the feelings the boy had for the girl when they first met still stood strong. That night the girl finally relized that the boy truelly loved her,and she relized that she loved him. The boy, at the age of 14, went insane with joy just as he did on the 12th of April only multiplied by 10,000. Even up till now the boy and girl are best friends. Even now the boy still stands by the girls side, guiding her,loving her,and being the best friend he could possibly be for her. For he loved her deeply and must fufill his promise he made to her 3 years earlier that still holds now. That he will never abondon her and will always be there for her...
Even if it's only online...

The End

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