A Wedding Poem

This is for my next door neighbor who was getting married. I wasn't able to attend, but I wanted a piece if me to be with the happy couple on that special day.

Have you ever seen,
such a beautiful thing,
A thing such as a wedding?

Where the bride so pretty,
she looked like she walked out of a magazing from New York City,
And there was not a dry eye in the building.

And the groom looked at his almost-to-be wife,
He is having the time of his life,
admiring her.

The love they feel for each other,
You see it in their eyes,
You cannot deny.

No one else matters,
People just scatter,
Cuz the only one they see,
Is just the under the ‘Love Tree’.

And wouldn’t you agree,
that they would be,
perfect together.

Just look at them dance,
see the romance?

The End

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