A Way Out

A country song based on where I am in my life.

Lay back down
Think it all through
Say you're sorry
That you didn't know what to do
The relief sets in
And the shame begins
Use your compass
To find your way again

She is alone in this place
Looking to numb the pain
Lost in this dark dark cave
And she asks herself
Is there any way out?

Sit back down
Discuss the drive that led you here
Tell your story
There's no time to steer
Disappointment washes over you 
And then you realize the grasp it has
What is there more to do
And is it going to last?

She lost her way
Stayed stuck in the same place
She closed her eyes
Let the time pass by
She's watching the cars as they drive away
Like the people in her life
Too good to stay

These late nights call for overthinking
Early mornings call for a cup of coffee she should be drinking
And the beat of her heart 
Should keep her going
Oh, why can't she find her way out?


The End

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