James that's me

F**king Amelia made my nose bleed again that girl has a very short temper we use to be great friends when we were little but now shes all moody and pissy. I swear she is so horrible to me but to everyone else shes all happy.

I follow Amelia to see why shes always so angry at me but everytime i get close she always tells me to go away. I know if i tell her i want to know why shes always angry with me she just pushes me away, and im very sure she would want to throw me off this  airship of ours.

Its not that i don't want to hate her its just that she is making it very hard for me to get along with her,the last time we fought i wasn't even fighting hard, When is this trip going to be over i can't Stand all of the bad blood on this ship, i better sleep with one eye tonight because i think Amelia got something planned for me....

The End

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