Amelia: For starters...

The boat was starting up. The rumble of the engine. The wind filling the sails. The blood silently flowing from James's nose. So peacful.

I wish it could last.

I have a list of multiple problems. One, James is here. Two, I'm the only girl on board. Three, I see storms coming and that is a bad sign. Four, the Elders asked us to get sapphires. Those things are half way across the world for goodness sake!

We were high in the sky before there was enough room to stand at the bow. I felt I was being watched. My peripheral vision told me that James was watching me as I was staring out into the open sky.

"Go find something else to do," I said with a little smuggness in there. Geez, it's like he's following me ALL THE TIME!

I wonder why....

The End

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