James boat ride with the devil

GOD! why the hell are they sending me on a long trip and with Amelia!.

When james arrived at the port Amelia punched James face James says "why the hell did you punch me!" Amelia says "Because its your fault that were going on this in the first place!"

Elders stop us from fighting by separating us they say "Stop this fighting its point less, You shall find this stone, its very important that you find it because without it our lives here will be limited"

james and amelia calm down and stop fighting so they can listen to the elders, The oldest elder tells them "forget what you know, just remember that you two are partners and should look out for each other"

james and amelia bow down tot he elders, while there boarding the boat there shoving each other.

elders wave good bye to them and see them go off into the horizon

The End

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