Amelia: Stupid Adventure... Stupid James.

I started  to pack my goods.

"Daggers, gunpowder, clothes, shoes, sandals, socks, swords, and to finish off packing... My unnatural good looks," I smiled as I threw my unused mirror across the room.  It shattered. Well, looks like you gonna have bad luck for seven years. I told myself,Ugh! I'm going to have to spend all of that time with James.

I finished pack my stuff and hugged all of my siblings and Parents.

"Wish me luck with the World's Greatest Idiot, " I said to my family as I left the front porch. On to the Docks.

I punched James on the shoulder as hard as I could.

"Ouch," he said bluntly almost shoving my off the Dock.

"I blame YOU for this,"

"Well, guess what? I can take you anyday,"

"Changing subject!" interjected a sailor as I was about to punch his snob face.

The End

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