James & Amelia Punishment

Hello I'm James i'm 18 years old and I've been called up to the elders, I think it must of been that me and that brat Amelia must of been fighting (of course i was winning as always)

I come into the elders office with my shirt torn and my body covered in Bruises and my arm is bleeding,of course i see Amelia there i really beat her up good 

"I'm here elder, what would you like to talk about" i asked, the elder responds with "Both of you have been causing problems here in this city for too long now, you are being sent on a trip to think about your actions, it will be started when you leave this office,now GO!"the elder said

Amelia and James head home packing and mumbling about each other in a bad way,they make it to the dock and the elders are waiting there.

The End

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