Ho, do I start this?

Perhaps with a giant, gargantuan thank you that will crush you all! Okay, maybe not. I can't really imagine huge letters falling from the sky and smacking every person reading this challange.

I loved writing, ever since I understood what it was about. I still have my really old stories on my computer. They've traveled through a decrepit Ace laptop, a Toshiba laptop, a Dell desktop, a Philips laptop, and lastly, they have come to rest at my current desktop and the laptop downstairs.

And then, one fateful morning, my dad told me about this site called Ficlets.

I had just woken up. He took me to the site, showed me around, told me that the site did not only have very kind people on it, but it also had amazingly crafted stories.

Both my parents were pro-Ficlets because it taught me how to compress my writing (ain't happening with this piece of writing, is it?).

So, I took tentative hold on Ficlets, and began to write there.

I picked the name NightMaiden because I liked the sound of it, and it had been floating around in my head for quite some time. I always liked the word maiden, and putting it together with the most awesome and poetic time of day just sounded good to me.

 Ficlets soon became a place for creative outlet; it was home to some of the most accepting people that I knew. Every time I'd feel inspired, I'd write a ficlet about it. My innumerable standalones are testaments to that.

The first time someone approached me to actually start a series together was g2. Boy, was I happy. I jumped into the task, and even though I took some hiatuses, we managed to finish the adventures of Xiaoli before Ficlets went kablooie.

On Ficlets, I met Ana Cristina and Valley Fae/Pinprick, who I had the delight in working with on a sort of retelling of the tale of Rapunzel.

Then, there was the ever supportive thebetweenspace who read my previously weakly-crafted first series.SKermitgorf and Smarty101 were also amazingly helpful.

One afternoon, it was dry over here and I felt like we were in the middle of a desert.

So, I started up a series about a girl in Arizona, who loved to write and lived with her cat.

That was about the wisest move that I ever made on Ficlets. That series has taken me through so much, and I've gotten so attached to the characters it's actually funny.

Through that series, I met MistressElshaHawk, OrangeOreos and Freedom (or JoyceFreedom). Then, RainDance entered the scene one day after she commented in the middle of the series and started at the beginning. 

It was absolutely lovely.

I think pretty much any writing site would be fine without me on it. I don't have much to offer, but all of the people above deserve to be nominated for their immense amount of help and support.

I heard about Protagonize through Ana Cristina, and I thank her for that. This site held many familiar faces and a very new, quite refreshing outlook on the way I could get my writing out into the open. It took a bit getting used to, but I think I'm halfway there.

A colossal THANK YOU, again.

So, without any further ado, I nominate the next two people in line:

ElshaHawk, and RainDance.

The End

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