Seldom was one of the first writers I came across when I joined Protagonize. I fell completely under the spell of the story ORACLE. It was the longest piece I’d ever stayed with until the end and was worth every minute. I think Seldom is a little like me in that writing can get pushed aside and the world captures us so we disappear and reappear like true protagonists with hidden agendas. Who are we? Is Seldom male or female? Excuse me while I pop over and find out.


Don’t know but from the writing I might be tempted to say male; there’s a clarity in the work that isn’t over-written, there’s no food and not a lot of romance, I don’t think…but there’s no romance in mine either. I like this aspect about Protagonize – writers can be just that and sweeping judgements on male and female capabilities, styles or leanings are often invisible.


Everyone approaches a challenge in different ways – I hope my little picture of this wonderful writer is completely original; I haven’t read any others on Seldom, yet, but I don’t want to go reading until I’ve got something laid down first to set the tone. My focus seems to be wavering between how we use the site and some of the work that has inspired me to mark Seldom as a favourite.


How do I raise this writer up above the parapet so that others pay attention to the work? Answer is a found poem from titles of said work. Please investigate and enjoy.


Seldom in Titles


If I Were a Wayward Ghost


The Host

Nowhere Home

Time in Cut Glass

Those Who Wait


Going Over

Machine Religion

Faces in the Park

Guests to Tea

Dead Run

All Good Things


So Long

Wild One



The End

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