For as long as I can remember, I have been a writer. Even before I learned how to write myself, I carried around a notebook and pencil. Sometimes, I would have my mom jot down my ideas.  At the time, no one could quite predict the immense passion that would soon surface. I held my ambition for writing all through elementary school, and it only continued to grow as I got older.

I was always composing short stories and making them into homemade books. On occasion, the teacher would let me read my book to the class during free time. Whenever I wrote, I felt a great sense of exhilaration and power. Writing became a spectacular outlet for me, and it was a part of my essence. As all humans need to breath, I needed to write.

 When I was about ten years old, I had a huge binder called “Amazing Imagination.” It was almost half of my weight. It contained many of my early short stories, poems, computer art, drawings, and paintings. You see, in addition to writing, I also possessed an avid love for arts and crafts. To this day, I attend art classes frequently, and the whole house is filled with my artwork. I believe that art and writing go hand and hand, but it is my writing which gives words to the emotions and meaning to the images.

I deem creativity to be my greatest virtue, and it dwells in the core of my heart. Through writing, I reach out to other people, whether it be online, or at a senior citizen home. Now, I keep another binder of my poems, and they continue to grow in number. I’ve come to recognize the fact that I am different from other people, but God made every soul special and unique in their own way. I cherish my expressive individuality and profound outlook on life. At school, you can find me skipping and twirling down the hallways, giving stickers to a preschooler, and reading my poems. I ponder the essence of life, and I am free to be me.

I am a devoted Christian, and God, Jesus, and faith are central themes in several of my poems. When it comes to prose, I have just as great a passion for it as I do for poetry. I relish every chance I get to write, both inside and outside of school. I love to compose argumentative essays in literature class, and homilies in Religion class.

 I write on Protagonize of course, and I used to be a member of, but the site closed down. I am lucky to have come across such amazing online writing communities, and they have really opened my eyes to what’s out there. I have been inspired by the works of others, and I have received much encouragement from my fellow writers. I try to comment on everything I can. It’s amazing how much praise, feedback, observations, or constructive criticism can motivate one to keep going.

When I was a ficleteer, I began to write a story which had resided in my heart for a long time. It was fiction, but it was inspired by numerous aspects from real life. The tale was titled “Residing Dreams.” I am still writing it here on Protagonize. It held a deep significance to my heart, and I knew that it was a story waiting to be told.

As a plot summary, I wrote this:


Residing Dreams is a heartwarming tale destined to captivate and touch the souls of those who read this thought-provoking piece of literature. It is told through the eyes of Essie Miracle, an adopted adolescence who possesses creativity, kindness, beauty, and wisdom beyond her years.

She was found alone in a hospital room as a baby, with but a single note attached: "Please take care of Essie, God's little miracle." It was only destiny for Shawn Miracle to hear of her mysterious appearance and adopt her as his child.

They reside in the cheerful town of Pleasantville, Indiana. But it is soon realized that not everything in life is pleasant and peachy-keen. Essie's father has a secret, of which he can tell no one. However, many people see its truth quite clearly, as does Essie. Her father has been hiding for a long time, and he lacks the confidence to openly declare the truth for fear of scorn, rejection, and shunning.

When things become increasingly difficult, new opportunities soon beckon for Essie. On her unforgettable journey of life, she meets a boy who intrigues her and captures her heart, and she finds out that he has some dark antagonists of his own.

As dreams reside and reflections are pondered, it is clear that everyone faces trials and tribulations. In addition to this, each person has gifts and hopeful hope to make it through life's storms. Essie learns a multitude of lessons, and she uncovers the truth that love knows no bounds.


 The first person to ever comment on “Residing Dreams” was Mistress Elsha Hawk. (She was a member of, and she is now on Protagonize). Elsha’s kind comment was a great source of encouragement for me. Afterwards, numerous people commented on my story, and I can’t expound the amazing feeling that I felt inside. I always wanted my writing to have a positive impact on people, and someday I hope that “Residing Dreams” will get published as a novel. Maybe that dream will become a reality.  :-)

Of course, I was very sad as the doors of ficlets closed. But my gleefulness was redeemed once again when I discovered Protagonize. I quickly posted the chapters of “Residing Dreams” and got adjusted to the new community. I soon came across another awesome writer, Moonwalker. She was the first person on Protagonize to comment on any of my stories. Her feedback was meaningful, insightful, helpful, and encouraging. I read some of her work, and it was quite impressive. “Ghost Cop” could very easily become the next great mystery novel.

Other amazing authors on Protagonize include Ezzie, ElshaHawk, wickedmirror, d.f.m, penguincaptain, THX0477, LaineGrey, AnaCristina, NightMaiden, cassandra, Eloosville, seldom, JoyceFreedom, WyattAapr, LoneWriter, brianw, BARomero, Brebelles, Miki-deMillion, FogCat, and many, many more. I thank all of you guys so much from the bottom of my heart. This side is both a refuge and a paradise to writers everywhere, and it would never be the same without the great people who make up the community.


            As the mockingbird sings, the rain falls, and the wolves howl, the writer pours out their soul onto paper. The promise of tomorrow is held dearly and securely, and the whispers of truth echo throughout the atmosphere for ages to come.

May we all continue to write the tales that reside in our hearts.


The End

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