One More Day

Well, it is an honor to be tagged for something like this. So, here goes.

AnaCristina you are seriously one of my heroes. It all goes back to the very beginning on Ficlets when you commented on one of my stories and I looked at all of yours and I was like, "Wow." I fell in love with a couple of your series and felt honored to have someone who wrote like you comment on anything of mine. That carries over to this site where I still find your writing amazing!

OrangeOreos it's awesome to have someone in my city write on here that I can go to school and be all like, "OMGZ! Did you see that one story that so-and-so wrote and then that one piece of crap I posted! I can't believe I wrote that!" And everytime I read your writing I feel like laughing. You bring so much of yourself into your writing and I don't even want to know where you find inspiration for some of your stories!

Archi_Teuthis you made me laugh with your welcoming comments when I first joined and your writing still does. I love your personality and how you don't seem to care what anyone thinks of what you think. I'm looking forward to a long career on this site with your writing to read and enjoy. Although sometimes you scare me, oh Chief Squid, never fear! I'm scared by many of my friends and inspirations! It's almost a compliment from me!

The End

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