Oh jeez, wow. I'm feeling very honored. *blushes* So I don't really know what to say besides...well...honored.

But I'm first going to say thanks to Freedom for tagging me and going through reading some of my series (and going through the horrible task of attempting a series with me {a really hard task trust me}). And also thanks to her for finding me to be so great at this skill.


I recall very distinctly my first story. It was written in third grade and had three characters based off some of my stuffed animals. It was about....12 pages long and was about global warming. *laughs* Turns out I wrote about serious topics then too.

So then I would write little silly stories, my ten year old self never getting away from the animal play on things. And one "friend" of mine kept battering my stories, telling me that mine were stupid and hers were amazing. Some friend.

Then in 7th grade I came up with the idea of a story about a blind swimmer. I began writing it during classes in a notebook of mine, and my friend Jordan came across it and began reading. And he continued reading everything that I wrote of that story, telling me how amazing it was.

Though my writing skills were still quite unpolished. I know look back on that story to see most of it was only dialogue. But Jordan continued being my "editor" through all these years, critiquing every chapter I send to him of that untitled story of mine.

But then this summer I was told by my boyfriend of this site called Ficlets. One Time, One Chance (whom goes to the same school as me and my boyfriend) told him to join the site. And he, knowing of my love of writing, had me visit it and I was hooked! So I obviously need to say thanks to OTOC for getting me (and others) started onto the site of ficlets. Plus she's an amazing writer.

The beginning of it my ficlets career was a bit shaky I found, until Elsha came and commented on my first series, Sangsue. And this made me go on a writing rampage, I began writing little philisophical ficlets that people said how fascinated they were by them.

But enough talk about me, time to talk about others.

Pianoman: I met dear Pianoman when he first started it seemed.  He left a comment on one of my stories and I actually thought it to be someone I knew, but it wasn't. I was then greeted though by the amazing poetry that he writes. I swear he must be one of the best poets I know.

More Ways Than One: now this ficleteer I have only just recently read some of their writing and I loved it, finding it so...what's the word...well it basically makes you think of things differently.

The End

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