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I'd like to thank Eloosive for thinking of me.  (ahem)   In a collaborative writer's group, one has to both write and collaborate.  This is a time consuming activity and requires much motivation. 

So, I make this brief.  I don't know many of the people here and I'm struggling to find the time to read as much as I can.  And of the people I do know, well, this would be one long, long collection of favourite passages and musings ab out who they are as people.  What, I will do, is conspire to recollect who it was that first drew me into this little community.

To be funny, one has to have a certain knowledge  of sadness and an ability to see the little man behind the curtain.  At the very least, a sense of ridiculousness. I like funny.  It was "Buying Confidence" by PuzzlingPoster that first drew me into Protagonize.  I read the story and then registered just so I could add to it. 

PuzzlingPoster is one of the funniest writers on this site (in my opinion).  And the single most underrated.  I don't think he minds, because he, like me, I think, likes to fly under the radar a little bit.

There are many funny people here and I loathe to mention any for fear of the name's I'll forget. 

Oh, and, "A Xong" by Rac7hel is one of the first poem's I read.  That entire collection was enough to help me realize that Protagonize is full of some talented minds.  A Xong.  Mind blowing sh*t.  The girl's a genius.

the stories that drew me in:

Buying Confidence - puzzlingposter

life and times bella pleasance - tasha noble

A Xong - Rac7hel

superheroes wear spandex - jait

fencing fame's fiancee - Dy

The End

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