Hey there guys and gals!  Well now many thanks to our illustrious host Mr Nickb for his kind words.

I basically live for horror, which may sound rather odd, or possibly disturbing, but hey that's me folks.  My work is very personal to me and I only write when I feel that I really have something good to say.  I like to add an undertone of dark humour to all my writing, as correctly noted by Nick, because although I love spooks and scares, and blood and guts, I really don't take myself too seriously.  I enjoy reading straight-up horror that's designed to scare you silly, but I also enjoy a scary story that can laugh at itself.

My first post on the site was a little zombie homage called Overtime, that I think captures my slightly quirky sense of humour quite well.  My favourite story that I have written is Full Moon.  This was co-written with Seldom and was lots of fun.  Maybe one day I will actually pick it up again.

Some of my favourite writers on the site are Seldom, who's style and sense of humour are marvelous; Dysphemism, who's prose is extremely good and who is not afriad to write things that may be shocking; TashaNoble, who I think has a great sense of humour; and WritersBlock, who often picks themes and genres that I enjoy and writes them well.

Oh, and last but not least our Nick.  He writes a good fantasy yarn, and weaves some dark threads into his tales that always peek my interest.

The End

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