Long after the kind words Nick had to say about me, I'm finally back. I've been on hiatus from almost everything for about a year, and knew that I definitely did not have the time and space to write anything I'd have thought worthy of this site. It was quite a pleasant surprise to finally have the chance to stop in and discover that both the story Joyride and I had been remembered (and praised) by someone here. Especially by the man responsible for this great place. Add in that Nick himself is an impressive and skilled writer, it is high praise to be so well remembered by him.

I've done no writing to speak of, other than occasional rants in the blogosphere when I needed an outlet to keep my head from exploding. I rather unexpectedly wound up becoming caregiver for two special-needs patients/relatives about a year ago, as well as acquiring a new boyfriend about the same time. It left me no time for anything else. Demands have lightened up lately, and I have a little free time again so I can hopefully get back to participating here.

I've been gone a long time, so it's very possible that the authors I remember being impressed by here are no longer around themselves. It's also very hard to choose only three! Nevertheless, here goes nothing!

First off, Jillian impressed me very much from the start. She has a beautiful way with words. She's wonderfully imaginative and inventive. And one of the things that really impressed me is that many times on the few stories we both participated in, she seemed nearly capable of reading my mind as to where I wanted to take something, or would anticipate me on a plot twist I wanted to throw in. She would either set me up perfectly to make that addition myself, or handle it on her own (and much more skillfully than I would have.)

Next, Amo1143 had one of the hottest stories around when I had to leave. Drop Point was a great concept to begin with, and that story took off like lightning! It was full of twists, turns, action, and thrills. If things ever seemed to be slowing down, Amo1143 always had just the right thing to add in the next part she wrote to get the whole thing charging along its rollercoaster ride of a plot all over again.

quatermass was one of the first I ran into here on Protagonize that wowed me with his writing. He wasn't the most prolific around here, but what he wrote was quality. The couple of times that he wrote the next section after mine, I always felt like he'd injected a lot of class and style that my own efforts were lacking, and raised the stories he participated in to a higher level.

The End

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