RainDance is one of my awesome Ficlet friends. We met through another series if I'm remembering correctly. And then, bang!

Along came a series of our own. It was one of my favorite series to be apart of. Athough it was about a difficult topic and high school, I enjoyed it some much. Mainly because it was with RainDance.

She is a remarkable writer and has published many great reads on both, Ficlets and Protagonize. Anything that's published by RainDance is something worth reading. Here's the beginning from the fun series we wrote together on Ficlets:

Look forward to this series on Protagonize :]

The Hardest Thing In The World: Just Being Friends

By RainDance

She smiled behind her hand to hide the giggle but she couldn’t keep the laughter from her stunning silver eyes.

“Walk much, Alex?” Chloe asked. Alex had been chattering enthusiastically when he tripped over the sidewalk and went sprawling across a neighbor’s yard.

“Thanks for your concern.”

“That’s what friends are for,” Chloe said, flashing Alex her dazzling smile. A smile that made angels sing and clouds part for sunshine. Alex was momentarily stunned until Chloe turned her face away from the silence.

“Sorry,” Alex mumbled, pulling himself up, “Er… are we going to the Halloween dance together this year? As friends I mean?”

“Well, I was thinking… no, nevermind. Sure, we can go with West and Trisha,” Chloe decided.

“Are they going as a couple?”

“Um. I don’t know,” she concluded, searching for a different subject, “So, what are you going to be?”

Alex looked down the road thoughtfully then at his best friend. The girl he was completely in love with.

“Your knight in shining armor?”

The Sexy Nurse

By (Joyce)Freedom

 “Knight in shining armor, nice. Would you like me to help you make the tinfoil costume?” Chloe giggled before reaching down to help Alex up.

Sparks flew about when their hands touched. Alex had this guilty pleasure smile on his now, beet-red face and Chloe just thought to herself If only he knew…

Alex interrupted her wonderings. He ran his hands through his dirty blonde hair and asked, “So what are you going to be?”

“Hmmm, well I was thinking between one of those leotard-wearing bunnies or a sexy nurse.” She said sarcastically. “Either way, I’ll be melting boy’s brains.”

“Uh huh.” It was too obvious that Alex was thinking about those images now, picturing it …

“Alex? Earth to Alex? Would you like to trip over grass too?” Chloe pretended to help him through the very short, green grass. She reached down when he fell over dramatically. Then she broke out laughing hysterically, putting an imaginary band-aid on him.

“I think you’d make a great, sexy nurse.” Chloe couldn’t tell if he was joking or not.


And I have decided to tag Wyatt Aapar and Ezzie because they are two more tremenduos authors.

The End

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