Seventeen is the antithesis of what any good Sycophant would want in a bagel.

Randomness.  Chaos theory.  Oops, I made something good.  I love it all.  In part, that's what I was talking about one of the other times I got tagged in this chain when I mentioned just throwing a story out there.  I love to just start with a line, a sentence, a phrase, a feeling.  Then the story unfolds from there.  Sometimes it goes well.  Sometimes it just winds up inane, and not a soul reads it.

Now, the other thing I liked about ficlets and am starting to work out how to do here on Protagonize is the random finding of creative work.  Sure, it's all well and good to read what my pals, my amigos, and my favorites churn out.  And it's even nice to read the quality stuff by that guy I can't stand cause secretly I'm envious that he's better than me.

But I also like to just pick on something by an author I've never run across before.  Sure, I've read a lot of junk.  But sometimes I find gems.  And a lot of times, I've found friends.  So, to that I end I went bounding off and found this!

I thought it was cute.  So, JinnDal, consider yourself tagged.  Oh, and one other random author should consider himself or herself tagged as well.

Happy Randomness!

The End

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