Ah, suddenly I feel very, very overwhelmed.

This is like back in second grade, when everyone was everyone's best friend and you had to pick out who to invite to your birthday party. Because your parents couldn't take 30-odd small children running around the house, you couldn't just invite everyone. But you didn't want to hurt anybody's feelings, and you certainly didn't want to miss out on a good time either. It was possibly one of the most stressful moments of my eight-year-old life. But yes, this is like this.

Except second grade is now the current year, everyone is my fellow Protagonizers, and my parents are... well, a combination of my laziness and my forgetfulness, I suppose. So, if you find that I seem to have forgotten about you, do not take offence. There are only so many children I can invite.

And, without further ado...


Upon joining Protagonize, Dys was the first person to add myself to his favorites. Like beating the first boss of a video game or reading the first chapter of a great book, my first fave was one of those moments that made me ecstatic despite the fact that I knew it didn't mean the world. Upon reading some of his stuff, I immediately favorited him too, as it was pure genius. He seems to be able to come up with any story idea possible, and he can take even a painfully terrible story (Don't worry, I was exaggerating. Nothing on Protagonize is that bad!) and turn it into something great with just one branch.

Tasha Noble

My tagger--maybe she should have been first. Oh well.  She's a great author, and her solo stories are absolutely amazing. Due to my short attention span I only read them about a chapter at a time, but each one is a great story all in itself! Plus, she's really nice, so... What else do you need?

Archi Teuthis

Pure genius, my friend. Who but Archi would write about a couple of idiots sneaking into Wal-Mart and creating a new civilization? Who but Archi would put a Fall Out Boy music video into words? Archi, you are pure genius.


I'm not gonna lie, my attention is leaving me already. Blame the fact that it's Friday. But, yeah, SoundsFishy, you, too, are a genius. Great writing. Please don't take offense at the lack of text.

Like I said, attention=out the window. Not literally, it's dark out there. But here comes the tagging...

Archi because... well, genius. Kooch because his "No Purchase Necessary" story was one of the first ones I found and really liked. WizardGoggles because her vampire story is entertaining.

The End

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