Hi all!

I miss this place.

Unfortunately (?) I am blessed with a job that requires creative writing. This positive has become a negative recently because I also can't say 'no' to new projects but am shambolic at time management, resulting in my self-imposed Protagonize exile.

The occasional juicy dangler can still tempt me back for a little nibble however... and Tasha sure loves to dangle!   ; )

There are so many Protag authors on here that I intend to read more of - I'll see a chapter or a story title, a name or a profile pic and think "Cool! I REALLY MUST check them out..."

Alas, a better site for old Parky boy would be 'Procrastinize' as I never do get round to most of you.

If I have favourited you, I mean it. If I have not, there's a fair chance I intend to once I get around to reading some more of your work...


Here are some of our 'little' community that I would like to give special mention:


Tasha_Noble - 'nuff respek, innit? You have the power to bring me back to life on here - is it three times now? Thank you for being the wonderful friend you are to all of us - and my first Protag chum. Oh, and for your scribbles. Not too shabby.  : )

If there is one thing I would never fail to add to with all possible haste, it would indeed be our 'Love Story'! So if ever you miss me, you know what to do...

I picture her huddled over a keyboard, typing furiously whilst simultaneously doing the ironing and making everyone's breakfast.

TheRiverTalker - thanks for being 'the daddy'.

I picture Jim standing sentinel, contemplating the shifting surface currents of a mighty woodland river, patiently translating their hidden meaning for our wide-eyed wonderment.

Eloosive - thanks for thinking up so many great ways for us to play with words so I don't have to.

I picture him, always, with an irrepressibly big stupid grin all over his face.

JackRubeshevskiy - thanks for being the dude! Always up for a challenge and a spot of mischief!

I picture Jack in shades, on a yacht moored just off the Bahamas, sipping a frozen margarita and surrounded by a bevvie of exotic beauties (of course).

LaineySummers - thanks for being as inane as me! You have given me hope that perhaps I'm not a weirdo after all... unless, of course, we both are.

I picture her glaring intently at a boiling kettle, a cup full, almost to the brim, with coffee granules clutched in her quaking fist.

Come back! (rich coming from me)


Here are the people I would have liked to branch if only I could add more than three...


Twizzle - thanks for your unique and beautiful work and for being friendly to me when I was a noob on here.

I picture Twizzle watching. Just watching... and thinking. Yup, definately a watcher and a thinker this one.

smac972 - thanks for being a friend when I joined and for being enthusiastic, entertaining and a bit nuts.

I picture smac lying on the hard shoulder of a highway, in a walking position.... it is a very vivid image and one I can't seem to shake.


And here are my three:


lalanii - the first work I read, and added to (my first Protag contribution), on here was her mesmerising and disarmingly impudent poetry. Thanks for getting me hooked! But where O where has lalanii gone?!

I picture her sitting at her computer reading this and then clicking on the branch title with her name on it to ADD once more! Do it now.

LilDragon - a breath of fresh air with an honest, immediately  addictive writing style and an intuitive way of getting inside your head through the character. Never gives you too much, just enough to let you get it. I love what little she has given us so far... more please!

I picture her wrapped in a large duvet, looking out of a window at the cloudy sky and humming a tune no one else has heard before. The clouds seem to dance to the music.

nickb - well. What can any of us say about Nick without adding a massive THANKS for giving us this site?! Apart from working tirelessly all hours God sends to make our Protag experience that little bit better, he still finds the time to be a kick-ass author with a wicked wit! Inventive and eloquent, he gave us all The Crab too!  : /

I picture Nick jet-setting around the globe in the latest Italian designer suits to meet presidents and heads of state whose people are yet to discover Protagonize, updating the site from his top of the range i-phone as he goes.


Well, I should probably shut up now as it's starting to show in the length of this chapter that I haven't been adding for a while and miss the tippy-tap of my keyboard keys...

See y'all around, you crazy monkeys!




                                    .... oh, and of course there's Joe too. What a guy.  : )

The End

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