It would be hard for me to praise just one author, thus, I have chosen a few.

First up, Saint Chuck. Oh, my dear, Saint, you were the first person I favorited on Ficlets, and the first person who favorited me. I love writing stories with you, because you never cease to surprise me.

Secondly, THX0477. Dr. Tim, who could ever forget you? The stories you write are innovative and even hilarious! Like I've told you before, you are a true wordsmith.

Next, AnaCristina. Darling, Ana, you've brought so many of us to this site. You spear-headed the "Death and the City" series, and remind us why we are writers.

Last, but not least, Moonwalker. You have accepted the eccentric Ficleteers so warmly! Not to mention the fact that your stories are so human.

These are just a few of the authors that I've chosen to praise.

The End

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