This is a tribute to all those people on protagonize who inspire me, amaze me and humble me (and also make me sick with jealousy lol)

Nick: Have to say I was completely daunted when I read (one of the first stories I ever looked at on this site) Leapers. I almost decided there and then I better leave at once. The pace and imagination and descriptions just blew me away. You don't write enough. Make some time, please?

Jait: Above applies to you also (you collaborated on Leapers). You're totally underrated. Generous as a writer and collaborator. I so enjoy your dark imaginings.I wish you would write more.

Dysphemism: Not sure what I can write that will do you justice. You're a great writer and a great person. I'm amazed how you still have time for me after all my weirdy disappearing acts and sudden silences. Thanks! XD. Your stories inspire me and entertain me. I struggle to keep up. I don't know how you do it - do you ever sleep? I am in awe. Some of my favorite times on this site have been writing stories with you - waiting for your next branch, typing like mad and just having a great time. For a sample of his writing check out Fencing Fame's Fiance.

Monkette: My other best time here was definitely writing Full Moon with you. Anyone who hasn't read it please take a look. Monkette's writing is full of energy, fast-paced and exciting. I would love to finish that story some time so if you're reading this Monkette - start typing right now! Whenever you posted a new branch I clicked on it straight away and read, only remembering to breathe once I got to the end.

Tasha: Why her books aren't on shelves already I have no clue. I put a story on here ages ago called Old Soldier. Jonty added a chapter, then Tasha. I tried to follow, but just couldn't. Am still trying. Tasha, you are just great, it's no surprize you have more favorites than anyone else here. You encourage others, you are kind and generous with your time. This site would be a lot poorer without you.

Olius: Extremely talented and scarily clever. It's my fault entirely I've never managed to collaborate with you properly - although I have added chapters. I expect it's out of fear of not measuring up to your standard.



There are a ton of other people here who inspire me/make me laugh with their comedies/make me sob onto my laptop with their tragedies...If I ever get to be as good as you guys I'll be happy.

The End

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