This is a lovely idea, so congratulations to Dayla for getting it rolling. Thanks also for being kind to us prosers (or is that posers?). As a way to get to know the work of other authors this is definitely a great idea. Not only do we get to see who knows whom, or who has found inspiration in others, but we get to see some writing too! I am adapting the style slightly and using this as a platform to give my thanks to particular authors. This is not to say that unmentioned authors are not appreciated, but even those few I have met far outnumber the number I could mention properly.

Robyn (aka jdxx), thank you. I owe you postings. Your own insights into the human condition have been amusing and endearing, and occasionally a bit tear-bringing. (Ack. I think a poetical device infects this story. Where might my spray be?) I have no doubt that all your own dreams of your writing will come to pass. It has been a pleasure to have encountered you on my own journey of exercising my creative brain.

Looking through the list of tagged authors, I see some I know and many I do not. It is great to see such an influx of good authors. As so many of the people I saw mentioned are new to the site, I thought I might return to some of the people who have made my time here wonderful, both as writers and as part of this great community. Here are a few of my thanks.

Thank you Jack. Your humour is legendary. I know each time I delve into that scary mind of yours I will find something wonderful (or wonderfully twisted). Thank you for prodding me along and not letting our story die. Thank you for encouraging words, listening to me whine, and for doing what you can to make this site a great place both through your writing and through your own comments, adding of branches, joking around, etc. You were one of the first people I got to know through Davey and Joe and I am lucky to count you among my friends as well as co-conspirators against characters.

Eloosive, you deserve much praise. Your writing is fantastic. Whatever you tackle you bring it to life and so often you offer it up to others. The generosity of spirit is greatly appreciated. Thank you for sharing your creativity and inspiring us all. Thank you also for being so welcoming and for all the encouraging comments. Do not stop lurking on the site. We would miss you terribly if you did not check obsessively to see what was new. Your sense of humour is a wonderful gift you have shared with us all and I know it will take you far.

Tasha Noble, what can I say? I am very much looking forward to buying your first book. You are an inspiration in your own story and I am lucky to have met you, been inspired by you, and become friends. You are amazingly supportive to all you encounter and always have kind words of encouragement. Your work to keep this site a place you enjoy reminds me to do my own part to keep Protagonize special with collaborative stories and a sense of community that comes not only from commenting but from working together. Your own writing is astounding, with the perfect blend of humour with whatever other genre you tackle. The simple fact that you wrote "Henry," "Paddytum" and "Bella" shows just how talented you are. Three very different stories that are all wonderful in their own way.

RiverTalker, I think the entire site owes you thanks. Always kind words, encouragement. You manage to read and comment on so many things, then you encourage others to participate. Your writing is lyrical and evocative (and prolific!) and it is all a wonderful contribution to the site. You are someone any author could turn to both for compliments and for suggestions. You move silently in the background so often, pushing us all to continue, listening to our woes and doing what you can to keep us going. We are all lucky that you have the time to spend hanging out with us here.

TheMist, you scare me. And I like it. It took me far too long to finally delve into your writing and I am now quite thoroughly hooked. You shared your struggles with writer's block with us all, and managed to produce some beautiful work in the process. You take constructive criticism with grace and manage to write astounding chunks of prose even when you should be sleeping. Moreover, it makes sense! Amazing. Thank you for becoming a friend. A little chance conversation and now we have a story and someone to talk to! Who knew?

Olius, you have been mentioned before, and I know you will be again. How you manage to write so much and still keep up with everything else is beyond me, but count me just a little bit jealous. Your stories, orphaned or not, are always worth the read. Thank you for sharing so much and being so willing to let others stick their fingers in your pies. Not just that, thank you for encouraging people to do so. It is definitely generous of you, whether you see that or not. I wish you all the best, and many new posts on your stories.

Seldom, your ability to fit yourself into a story and take it forward deserves serious note. Your care for orphans is wonderful. I remember Tasha telling me once that the two of you had written a story that meshed so seamlessly that others had problems telling who had posted the most recent chapter. I think that is the greatest testament to your skill anyone could make. You have your own voice, no doubt about that, and yet you also understand the joy of meshing work in a collaborative story to make it a single, seamless whole. I think you were also the first person to offer me some constructive criticism on this site. So thank you for that.

RedHat, you make me laugh. The simple insanity of choosing to write as the crazy woman formulated from various ex-girlfriends deserves some kudos. I enjoy your writing and I enjoy collaborating with you. I am very glad I answered your Personal ad! Thank you for bending with me. I never doubt that your characters live in your mind and haunt you even when you are not writing.

ElzuWolfe, thank you for baring your soul. Your poetry is beautiful and clearly expresses pieces of yourself and whatever you are seeking to portray. You have a true way with words. Thank you for branching out and trying out some prose with me. You may feel unsure of it, but I promise that you are just as capable of capturing the small moments where true life lies whatever form you choose to use.


The End

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