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The first thing I'll say about BARomero is wow. Not only have I enjoyed his writing, especially in the 24, Jr. serious that we've collaborated on recently but he's also, apparently, a grand prognosticator on par with Punxsutawney Phil.

He actually linked me to this series a full 24 hours before I'd even joined the website (without any direct knowledge of when I would actually join the website). As Ana Cristina earlier said, that's more than efficiency, that's please give me the lotto numbers this weekend!

So, long story short, a few months ago, I wrote my first and only featured story on about a kid named Jason who believed he was Jack Bauer.

The formula at the time was: send a delusional kid on a collision course with some kidnappers and enjoy the melee.

I remember BARomeros's first comment on the series said something like 'I wanted to do a 24 story and you beat me to it.' But before long, he'd not only joined the story, but also added depth and intensity to it.

Before long, (Jason/Jack) had an entourage of friends out to save him, each with a personality reflecting a popular 24 character.

But, I'd have to say my favorite contribution of BARomero to the series was having one of the kids' basements doubling as CTU headquarters; and, of course, the parents doubling as Division,

Will the kids find Jason/Jack before the parents? Or will the terrorists win the day? 

I can't wait to finish this series with one of my favorite writing buddies, who I believe likened our series to 24 meets O. Henry.

The End

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