Oh, the joy that is the written word!

I write, because if I didn't, I'm quite sure I would explode. I am the sort of person who is always scribbling down random sentences or bits of poetry on every available surface, which I can never seem to find when I want to revisit them and flesh them out into an actual story.

I am notorious for writing while stopped at red lights or on the backs of my Wal-Mart reciepts.

Sites like this one, and the soon-to-be defunct Ficlets, are my saving grace, because, although I love to write and do it almost compulsively, I hardly ever finish what I start. And it's sad to see all these character sketches and plot details just float away. I love that in these sorts of places I can lend them to somebody who will take them in and give them a good home.

I am very much enjoying Protagonize, finding that this site has a lot of the features that Ficlets was lacking.

Anyway, I'm not really sure if I'm supposed to be writing about myself or about BARomero, who tagged me.

I first came into contact with BARomero's work on the lovely little frenzy called Ficlets, which I am sure you Protagonizers are probably sick of hearing about by now. He was a part of the Billy Joel Posse with me and Laine Grey, haha.

On a more serious note, BARomero was always there to leave a nice comment and also much-needed constructive criticism. Most notably, he took a little one-shot Ficlet I wrote, called The Pulse, and totally ran with it. Watching that story evolve was wonderful. He had so many great ideas and characters to offer that I never could have dreamed of when writing the original piece.

Other Ficlets authors have also greatly influenced my work, and given me the drive and desire to keep on writing and improving. Although I haven't seen them on Protagonize (or even on Ficlets, which I've admittedly been neglecting these past few months), T. F. Torrey and YodaOnCrack both had wonderful writing styles, and I held their opinions in very high regard. Additionally, Ana Christina, whose poetry is so beautiful it makes me insanely jealous. :) And, John Perkins, who was always, always, always there with positive encouragement.

It's quite difficult, because I can't figure out who has been tagged and who hasn't. So, in return, I tag LaineGrey, member of the Billy Joel Posse and writer of wonderful fantasy and satire, and SaintChuck, who always has something interesting to say and was at the top of the Ficlets ladder for quite a long time.

The End

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