Well, Eckhouse, you’ve brought me my first invite to a collaborative story, and for that I thank you. I also thank you for the great contributions you’ve made. Although I’ve had the chance to read only a few, I have had quite a number of laughs. As for the compliment on the first-person narratives, I could say the same to you about your third-person perspective – I find that immensely challenging. On a different note, I am delighted to be a part of this; great call Dayla, and I hope I do the following authors justice. 

Tasha Noble, although already mentioned, I must say there is a liveliness about her writing that is hard to come across. A person of much talent in literature; one whose books I would like to see on the shelves of Barnes & Noble’s some day. With ‘Paddytum’ she has left me most amused, and although there is a childish quality about it, Tasha can most skillfully manage to keep a subtle sophistication. At this balance, I find I need much polishing on, as my work tends to be one or the other. I do hope there will be oodles more to come.

Another author very much worth mentioning would be JackRubashevskiy (I needed to check about that spelling…). Charmed by that little “proof” piece he has on his profile, I suspected his writing to be of wit, humor, and merriment. That he has proved on a number of occasions, namely ‘On Trivialities’ and ‘Dear Santa’, as well as the sentence here or there in his other contributions. And not an experienced writer in romance, I think he has quite well verified that he can do it just as wonderfully with ‘Lily Christianson’. Never failing to please, I most wholeheartedly believe that he, more often than sometimes, writes things - some most outstanding things.

Then there is Cheshiregrin who has brought some very intriguing concepts, that I don’t think would ever have occurred to me. I believe CG could write almost any genre asked of her, whether it be romance, horror, or sci-fi, etc. She never seems to get lost in her words, and expertly arranges them; something I am still exerting myself to do. So many of her words ring true; evident in ‘Awkward Moments’, and on a more obvious, but still clever level, truly reflected the technology dependent society we are becoming (apparent here as well) with ‘Click’. She has an unmistakable talent in putting feelings into words, and seems to always push herself to exploring different styles and genres; getting out of the comfort zone is a difficult thing to do. There is no doubt she’ll excel in her graduate study – the best of luck (although, it is probably not necessary).

Now I come to end my little rantings about a few of the Protagonizers I very much admire and whose stories I get lose myself in. Many of which I laugh at alone loudly in my room, and I guarantee others do the same. Some of which I give a sympathetic smile at, possibly due to a heartbreakingly vivid description of a character’s longing or desperation. And so many other positive reactions (the only negative being envy, of course) that I don’t quite notice because it has been a normality to be ever so immersed by the stories by these exceptional authors. So thank you, oh so much and congratulations on a job very well done =] 

The End

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